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Fuck Yeah Noa





Nope! Her mother is not raising her right!!! No black child around me would be walking around w this mind state. Makes my stomach hurt.

No…. Her mother could be doing everything in the world to make here feel like black is beautiful. Her mom’s word’s mean nothing when she see’s nothing but panoramic whiteness from TV to the classroom.

Stop blaming black mothers for everything

Pista de mi pj. Esperando a la gente. #bday

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Conciertazo ayer de #Aquelarre. Nos vemos las caras de nuevo en nada. Y gracias por la canción de cumpleaños. Insensatos que aún no escucháis a Aquelarre al Spotify y comprad un CD.

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Artist: Elian Black’ Mor

More creepy art

Do not edit!! | © POISON

Acabarán cayendo….

(Credits by: 米肉miro and June_solstice_AuroraMint)


Something dolly for meeting friends.

Dress: Cloudberry Lady

Bag: BtssB

Shoes: Angelic Pretty

Tights: Grimoire

Bonnet: Mrs Parker’s Millinary

Jewellery: antique



I was feeling a little down the other day so I decided to look back on what i’ve made this year. I realized I had ten “original” projects so I decided to put them into a photoset!

I’m proud of what i’ve made so far but I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped!

Luckily I have three months left, hopefully I can get a satisfactory amount of stuff done in that time period. I think I have at least twelve projects I would like to finish up before this year ends, which is kind of crazy.

Most of these were made between April-August,  and this isn’t including Elsa, stays, chemises, headpieces, or incomplete projects. Everything was drafted and sewn by me, and most of them are original designs!

stop. just stop. you are actual perfection and I cannot cope


{mewshop} sailor moon crystal lolita dress

another sailor moon lolita op, this one has a luna print that glows in the dark.


archiemcphee: Simply watching Adventure Time is often enough to make us hungry for sweets, but now we have an actual edible Candy Kingdom to tantalize our tastebuds. This mouthwateringly awesome Gingerbread Candy Kingdom was made by Redditor IHaveAFluffyCat (who actually does have an adorable fluffy cat).

The amount of time, effort, and candy that went into this work of edible art is amazing. It’s beautifully detailed from top to bottom, but we’re particularly impressed by the Gumball Guardians, whose sugar glass heads contain real gumballs.

Click here to see a complete gallery of step-by-step process photos.

[via Reddit]


Senshi/Shitennou meme!  Bow down to the queens! lol

Me he dejado la mano, para variar pero cada día más cerca del ramo perfecto.

Pensad mal y acertarás #lovestage

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Bienvenidos a mi perturbado mundo, donde dejo desatar todos mis gustos e idas de pinza. Asegurate de estar totalmente cuerdo antes de explorar más en mi mente.

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